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2014-04-04 / 2014-07-02 - Basque artists live at international universities through Mintzanet

As a result of the joint work between the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Mintzanet platform -of the group Maramara*- Basque artists and agents will offer, training sessions from the Basque Coutnry to the Institute students at international universitites, beginning tomorrow.

This project aims to enrich the academic offer of the Basque Language and Culture readerships of the Institute in 35 worldwide universities, and also to disseminate our culture further. The sessions will be done through the Mintzanet platform,  created to give an opportunity to those who wish to practice Basque language and talk to other people through the internet. The virtual lessons will be recorded and later offered online.

The Institute readers were given the chance to ask for the participation of artists and agents of any culture sphere. In the first season the names chosen have been the writers Mark Kurlansky, Eider Rodriguez, Unai Elorriaga, Itxaro Borda, Arantxa Urretabizkaia y Karmele Jaio, the professors Iván Igartua and Iñaki Martinez de Luna and the verse improviser Miren Amuriza. They will offer training sessions to university students in France, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Catalonia, Germany and Italy about several subjects: Basque language, language policies, hitory, translation, literature, cinema or Basque verse improvising.

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